Let’s be blunt from the start: I did not like this fan. It fell apart on me as I took it out of the box and I wasn’t being brutal with it at all.

A piece of white plastic which covers the motor housing (and all its associated wiring!) is supposed to be held on by three tiny clips but in my case one of them refused to clip properly and the motor housing was so flimsy that it would detach itself seemingly if you breathed on it too hard…

I’d wanted a desk fan not just because the weather here in the UK has been unusually fine over the past few weeks (23 degrees C! Scorching!) but because I had a series of microphone windjammer products to test over on my TubeShooter and UKAirscape YouTube channels) and the aforementioned good weather had scuppered any real-world testing in a violent breeze.

Being both tightfisted and really wanting the fan for video tests, I didn’t want to spend a lot so Tesco’s £14.50 price tag for the Texet seemed about right. Truth be told, you get what you pay for, as I was to discover.

I eventually got the fan bolted together with the irritating plastic cover apparently secured in place but the fan wouldn’t go round. A bit of bashing and it started up but as soon as I wound it up to High (the fan has a choice of just two speeds, Low and High), it rattled itself so much the plastic fell off and the motor ground to a halt.

In short, I think this fan’s a waste of money. Had I bothered to read the reviews on Tesco.com beforehand, several of them would have told me this (though to be fair, several reviewers also loved it but then you get people on review sites who seem to love everything. I have no idea why)

The video shows my trials and tribulations. Stand by though, for a week later I went out and bought a fan at double the price and it’s much better. That review coming soon. I know, I know; exciting times.

Should you wish to buy this one, you can at https://geni.us/DE_TexetFan