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Review: Galleon Fireplaces stove fan

A review of a low cost stove fan from Galleon Fireplaces, designed to help spread the warmth from a coal fired or wood fired (or multifuel!) stove. If you’d like to buy one of...


Review: S1200 Solar Portable LED lamp

I wanted a solar-powered lamp to light the well deck on my boat. It needed to have the solar panel separate from the light, so that the panel could be mounted permanently outside with...


Review: Moonraker DTV1000 mobile TV aerial

Reviewing the Moonraker DTV1000 mobile TV aerial and signal booster, designed for caravans, boats, TVs, trucks, lorries, motorhomes and campervans etc. It’s a directional, powered and amplified antenna to (hopefully) give you digital TV...


Review: August DTA240 TV aerial

Frustrated by very poor TV reception on my narrowboat, I ditched the antenna that had come with the boat and shelled out £10 on another from Amazon. Frankly it looked too small to do...


Review: IT-CEO hard disc enclosures

Whenever I scrap an old PC, I always feel it’s a great shame that so much of it goes to waste. In particular, I like to re-use the hard discs, even if they’re old...


Review: Texet 9″ Desk Fan

Let’s be blunt from the start: I did not like this fan. It fell apart on me as I took it out of the box and I wasn’t being brutal with it at all. A...